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Selected, full list available including film, television, and radio

Mortal Coil All Roles NY Int’l Fringe Festival/
  Cleveland Public Theatre/
  Stella Adler Theatre, LA/Video
North Bank at Sozhu Creek Jacob Sylvan Theatre, NYC
in association w/Shanghai Theatre Academy
Polymorphous Perverse George 42nd St. Collective Summerfest
The Tempest Ariel People’s Light & Theatre, Malvern, PA
Counting the Ways He PAI Rep
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Puck
Romeo and Juliet Mercutio Alabama Shakespeare Festival
Taming of the Shrew Tranio Three Seasons in Repertory
School for Wives Alain
Tartuffe Tartuffe
As You Like It Jacques Also served as company
Much Ado About Nothing Dogberry Voice and Movement Master
Macbeth Angus
Two Gentlemen of Verona Speed
Hamlet Guildenstern; Osric
The Comedy of Errors Dromio



BFA Program; Carnegie‑Mellon University

Speech & Dialects:  Edith Skinner;  Directing:  Lawrence Carra;

Columbia University:

Director’s Forum with Jerry Zaks, Judith Malina, Andrei Serban, Simonne Benmussa


John Barton, Patsy Rodenburg

Elevated Text Workshop:

Louis Sheeder, Shane Ann Younts, Robert Neff Williams

Voice Methods Workshop (Fitzmaurice/Linklater/ Lessac):

Phil Thompson, Jeff Morrison, Louis Colaianni, Nancy Krebs

Roy Hart Workshop

Mayra Lowry

Middendorf Breathing Workshop

Jeurg Roffler

Alba Method for Emotions

Rocco DalVera

BA Empire State College (SUNY)